Chocolaterie Verleye – chocolate and cookies made with passion for over 25 years!

Chocolaterie Verleye was founded in 1993 by chocolatier-pastry chef Jan Verleye. That fulfills a boy’s dream. Jan starts small-scale in the basement of his own home and originally only in a secondary occupation. Nevertheless, he immediately distinguishes himself by resolutely going for quality. Only the best ingredients are used.


More than twenty years later, Chocolaterie Verleye still guarantees quality and freshness. Meanwhile, the range of chocolates and chocolate products has been expanded and also include dessert cookies.


After a stopover in the Slachthuisstreet, we have moved to a new state of the art factory in the Everdongenlane in Turnhout since 2014. Jan Verleye and his team have a brand new chocolate factory, including atelier. All our products are made in Belgium.

Jan is a member of the Richemont Club Belgium and has already won several medals in national and international competitions, such as Prosper Montagné and International Grand Prix Mandarine Napoléon. He was also asked to create chocolate in the Belgian pavilion at the world expo Shanghai 2010.


Discover the passion for chocolate and cookies here.


We consciously choose the best Belgian chocolate and only work with fresh ingredients. Moreover, we are not standing still. In our search for innovation, people and machines complement each other.


Thanks to pure ingredients, artisanal craftsmanship and brand new installations, we keep pushing our boundaries.


Today, every creation of Chocolaterie Verleye is the result of teamwork. We unite about twenty employees who combine the passion for our craft with unique craftsmanship.


Together we share the same passion for our profession. Together we are proud of every product we manufacture.


In a pleasant working environment, people show the best of themselves. That’s why we take care of the happiness of our team members and our fine, family work atmosphere.


Our modern and open production area has large windows. This is unique in the sector. We attach enormous importance to this, because daylight contributes to the well-being and health of our employees.


Motivation and inspiration: our strengths to make a difference.

'I enjoy coming to work every day! The windows in the production room make it a pleasant environment to work in. Together with my colleagues, we try to make every day a fun, productive day.'


We strive to produce as sustainably as possible. Our suppliers are carefully selected and we increasingly use UTZ-certified chocolate in projects.


Cocoa beans are the livelihoods of thousands of people in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. Every day we see challenges they face. Poverty, child labour, a lack of clean water and safe food are daily problems in these third world countries. Because their craft makes ours, it is very important that we embrace these regions and support the communities.


With this idea, we want to take a step in the right direction every day.